Mega list of all my resources I love, along with why we homeschool and how we do it. Totally still in progress.

Why I Homeschool
There are so many reasons why and why not. But for us and our family, I made the decision to homeschool my kids because:
  • I want a Catholic education for them. For us the local church program just does not cut it. This would probably be the same with any church we went to. I still send my kids to our local church for Faith Formation. They are in a classroom setting and are able to learn more in addition to the schooling we do at home.
  • I personally feel that the government education system is not adapted to children learning well. I know because I was there. I excelled in some subjects and failed miserably in others. I truly feel as if we pass kids along. Mediocre is the norm and I don't want that for my children. I want them to appreciate the God-given talents they have and exploit them to the best of their ability. 
  • Flexibility. This is something very important to us right now. We are able to schedule appointments at whatever time is convenient for us. We can take breaks if we are burnt out or the sun is shining and a park is beckoning. We do not have to sit and school from a set tine and can take advantage of field trips and local events we otherwise wouldn't be able to attend. 
  • Character formation. This goes for me the same as it does my children. I am the product of a single mom, raising 3 kids on her own. My mom did a great job, and everyday I am thankful of her choice to deal with three brats. But I am a product of circumstances, public education only teaches you how to fit in or not with your peers and I am by nature a very shy person. I don't want my kids to feel as if they don't belong. I want them to have a work ethic that I lacked growing up. It is certainly NOT easy to get a child to clean their room cheerfully and well. Every parent struggles with this and I know we all want the magic answer to get our kids to see the light. I know homeschooling my kids won't make them into super cleaners or perfect model citizens. But I do know that being there for them and modeling how life should be lived is the best way to show a child. It is hard, but I know as a mom this is the biggest thing I have to teach my kids.
  • Love. I love my kids. They annoy the hell out of me on a daily basis. But I still love them. I should have never prayed for patience. Everyday there are 3 (and soon to be 4) little lessons in patience for me to attend to. I miss my kids when they are away from me. It is nice to have breaks and I do take advantage of our flexible schedule to take breaks from them, but ultimately when I think about putting them on a bus everyday I cringe. I want to be there with them. Not in a helicopter parent kind of way or anything. But to really know what they have been doing all day long and to give them the space and time to be kids. 
Curriculum We Have Used/Are Using
  • Seraphina Kindergarten(2011/2012): Catholic Heritage Curricula Kindergarten Program; BrainQuest Kindergarten Workbook; Various flashcards; Preschool Prep DVDs (Sight words); Leapfrog Letter Sounds DVD (Annoyingly effective at teaching letter sounds)
  • Seraphina First Grade(2012/2013): Catholic Heritage Curricula 1st Grade Program; BrainQuest First Grade Workbook
  • Roselynn Pre-K(2012/2013): Mix of CHC and other materials; BrainQuest Workbook