Monday, February 27, 2012

My March plans

I am still in disbelief that February only has a few days left! So here is what I am planning for the month of March.
Paint master bedroom
Purchase from my no spend board on pinterest
Keep purging, purging, purging
Get even more organized
Try not to be a crazy pregnant lady (I feel this one will be hard)

I took my one hour glucose test this past Friday and I failed. Much worse than I have when I failed the last times. I was at 140 with Sera, I passed with Rose (still sure I developed it after 30 or so weeks), failed by like 150-155 with Sebastian, and got a whopping 190 this time around. I have been testing positive for sugar in my urine the last two times I have gone in so this wasn't a big surprise for me.

My iron was also low (I think an 8) so I am taking the girls flintstone vitamins that have iron. It never really gets all that high since I have thalessiema trait. Not super concerned about it but I know taking iron should help improve my energy levels. I also got the rhogam shot since I am rh-. It was a super fun visit let me tell you.

I go on Wednesday to take the 3 hour test and am hoping to fail the first two pricked so I can be out in an hour. You only have to fail twice to confirm you have it. Then I can get the gestational diabetes class over with. I am also going to have to start exercising, but I have a pregnancy DVD I should have been doing all along. So hopefully I can get some of this crazy weight gain down. I weigh so much right now I know I am well past a health gain for me.

So March will also be getting in shape for a better delivery and keeping my eating habits healthy.

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