Thursday, March 1, 2012

No Spend Recap

I didn't do too bad. I failed on the eating out. I think being pregnant had something to do with that.

As far as not spending, I spent. I was weak. Nobody is perfect. This was a much better month for me spending wise so I feel like I have accomplished what I set out to do. I ended up visiting Walmart once, Staples for Martha Stewart labels (and I want to go back for more, curse that woman for making pretty office supplies!), and purchasing some spring/summer maternity clothes online at Old Navy.

The other stuff I spent on were things I had planned for. I got 99.9% of my consignment shopping done for about $120. That was a great deal for clothing for 4 kids. We also bit the bullet and purchased a new carseat while BRU was doing their trade in event. That was very worth it. AND my favorite purchase was the charcoal shorties I managed to get from Twee Baby this month. She will be doing a stocking again soon and I hope I can snag a medium pair too.

I have a No Spend Board on Pinterest that I think I am going to relabel, "Thinking of buying..." so that I keep doing that. It is seriously helpful. I would have forgotten about my perusing of the container store and all number of different things if the pictures weren't staring at me every time I went to add another thing! I highly recommend doing it this way. Keeps you more focus on priorities and less on the pretty.

The absolute biggest thing: I stayed out of TARGET! Seriously, I even sent David there for diapers instead of going and getting them myself. So even though my No Spend February didn't go exactly as planned I feel pretty good about limiting my purchases and being much more mindful about where my money was going.

So with that said. I am going to continue to try to not spend through March. I have been narrowing down my "Must Do" list and "Must Get" list so I am going to try to include my husband in all purchases. And keep that focus on my Lent list going, cause most of my top priorities are there.

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