Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March Madness

And not in a basketball way! Small tangent... we used to run the concessions stand for the basketball games in elementary school. We were there all Saturday and my brother played on a team. I am not good at basketball and to this day I can't sit through another game. But my volunteer spirit was worked on there, I just keep signing up to help out all the time with things!

On to our post... since it has been a few weeks. I am now on medication for Gestational Diabetes. This pregnancy has been harder on my body that the last three. Shocker. I think my numbers have been ok, but there is room for improvement. The biggest thing for me is that when I am all done with this baby and cleared for exercise we are going to have to incorporate it into every day of our lives. I don't care if the only thing we do is an evening family walk around the neighborhood or a two hour stint at the gym. I just need to get moving and show my kids that moving is good for everyone!

I am so tired. All night long I roll over ever hour on the hour. My hips are in so much pain. But if I end up on my back I end up with the worst pain. Thankfully hugging a pillow and having one between my knees at night helps me to not roll onto my back.

We are so. close. to finishing Sera's schoolwork for Kindergarten. We have a few religion lessons and are officially "done." I am really excited to start it up again next year, and plan on being much more relaxed about it than I was this year. I was invited to join a Catholic Unschoolers group on facebook and I am hoping to gain a lot of insight on how that works over the summer and try to incorporate that into our lives more.

Our Little Brother still needs a name. I am pushing for Simon. But David and I are still in negotiations and he might not be named until after birth like last time. I think David did a good job naming Sebastian. He might even be able to do a good job again. ;p

I have been in baby buying mode over here. Things that were on my to do list have slipped since I am so tired 80% of the time. I am focusing on keeping the areas I have cleaned up cleaned. I try to look for other ways to store something or think about if we can just do without it all together. There have been many trips to Goodwill and it has been freeing to see our house gain back space instead of being overly cluttered.

I also am going to the OB weekly for checkups on Little Brother's growth. We had an ultrasound last week at 32 weeks and he was measuring 34 weeks. Tomorrow I go in to get the heartbeat monitored and another ultrasound the next week to see if his growth is slowing down or not. He feels huge to me already, and I am just ready to hold this little boy. I don't want him to come too early but I don't think I am going to make it to my due date. Famous last words since Sebastian decided he wasn't ever coming out.

With my birthday coming up, the girls wanted to get me a present. I wrote down a wishlist of all the things I would love to get. They were all unrealistic and expensive. But that is what a wishlist is for right? The one thing I would love from that list? A New iPad. I have wanted once since they came out with the first, but now it looks like they have finally gotten it up to my standards for a tablet. It just seems like the absolute perfect thing to have in the hospital room. Small and easy to tuck away, not a crazy big laptop with huge power cord and mouse to be dragging all over the room. I drool over it... sad no? But the things I normally ask for are practical, new furniture or appliances, things everyone can use or that will better our lives in some way. I don't ask for jewelry or clothes or things we generally don't need. Do we need this? No. But could we use it? Oh yes! Mommy wants a fancy toy for once...

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