Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Oh man has it gotten busy busy around here! I guess you can tell since I have slacked off on posting around here. Here is a recap of the last few weeks:

David has a business trip to OHIO. For a week. The girls missed him terribly and we got completely off any kind of schedule by being over at my moms house for most of that week. This has only proven to me that we will have to institute "summer hours" around here, and being doing more active things during the day. I missed David the most I think, it is hard doing everything all the time for three kids, they got a little nutty towards the end. Rose would cry "I want my Daddy" every time something did not go her way.

I had a birthday. I didn't get what I wanted, but surprise surprise. I was disappointed and I am really kind of mad about the entire situation. But I am trying to let it go, so that is all I am going to say on the subject. The girls were super cute they gave me a princess tea party with a crown and everything. They wrapped up toys for presents and made great fan fare presenting me with several birthday cakes. Which of course involved blowing out pretend candles after being sung Happy Birthday each time. :)

On the "get stuff done front" little has been accomplished. I still haven't painted and am dying to get a headboard and crib into our room for the baby. I did manage to find several baby items at the end of march that I was lacking, and I had a few custom new items made on Etsy. I will have to post pictures of that as well.

On the "having a baby front" I have been moved up to weekly and now bi-weekly appointments since I am considered high risk gestational diabetes. He is measuring 3 weeks ahead at 35 weeks and that means my chance of a c-section are going up by the day. I am hoping to avoid that but we will see. I am hoping I go into labor sometime this month... really my dr won't stop labor at any point now given his estimated size.

That is the quick recap. Trying to stay motivated to keep on trucking at this point, but I am horribly worn down from the kids and all the rest of the stuff I need to be doing around here.

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